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Operation Signal Boost: Part 3 Up Now

Wonderful things are happening in the 'verse.

Universal HD is showing Firefly in HD, and as a Series!

Sci/Fi Channel is showing a Firefly Marathon on August 10th (a Friday) from 8am to 4pm.

And of course, there's the Shiny Serenity Collector's Edition coming out August 21st.

Some well-deserved "Thank Yous" are in order. Past experience has shown that cards and letters, while gratifying to the fandom, can be a nuisance to the PTB, and give a bad impression. E-mails are more effective, especially if you say what you want in the subject title. The odds that all the correspondence, or ANY, will be read is slight. It's volume that counts, with titles mentioning Serenity or Firefly. So please don't ask for Sequels and new original programming. Universal already knows what we want. It's much more polite on our part to simply Thank them for what they've been willing to do so far. Courtesy will be noticed, as will high ratings for the shows and high sales numbers for the CE!

So, that being said, here are Contact addresses for all three venues:

Universal HD is a webpage,

Sci/Fi Channel's e-mail address is

and Universal DVD's feedback address (From the site) is a web page,

As an example of a letter...
Subject: Firefly is still Flyin'. Thanks, Universal HD!

Dear Uni HD,

Thanks for deciding to broadcast Firefly in HD on your Network. Universal has been very good to the Browncoat Community this past year, and it is greatly appreciated.


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