austinjenncat (austinjenncat) wrote in serenitypromote,

2nd Annual Jayne Hat Knit-a-Thon

Austin Browncoat's 2nd Annual Jayne Hat Knit-a-Thon will be held during Dragon*Con this year from September 4th-7th.  Our own Ma Cobb, Claudia, knit an impressive 12 Jayne hats during last year's Knit-a-Thon, raising $1000 in pledges benefiting The Kids Need to Read Foundation (KNTR).  She's at it again at Dragon*Con 2009!  Claudia will be knitting during all hours of the con this year, and pledges can be made either at the Austin Browncoats booth or via the Knit-a-Thon website,  In addition to pledging at the site, you can keep up to date with Claudia's progress with daily photos and progress logs.  Join us in cheering Claudia on and see just “how many Jayne hats can be knit at Dragon*Con?”  All proceeds will benefit KNTR.

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